M888 Taking Infrared Photos During Daylight

My M888 is a great camera but it is occasionally taking photos in infrared in the daytime. Its not all the time but occasionally. What can cause this and will this "correct" itself or will it worsen.


  • @UTGrad This is caused by a couple reasons; the most prevalent is that your camera is in a heavily shaded area and/or facing the sunrise/sunset, which is causing the ambient light sensor to get a little crazy.

    We are always trying to tweak it so that you get the perfect transition from day-time picture when there is plenty enough light, to night time picture when there isn't. Unfortunately we haven't quite found the one setting to rule them all yet, so in special conditions the IR mode decides it's time to step in when maybe it is still a little too soon.

    Rest assured we'll keep working on it though.

  • No man my brand new 888 takes at least 25 black and white pics in the middle of the day out of 100 pics. Cam facing north and not too shady. My 880 takes better pics than the 888 and it doesn't do.the black and white thing. Not happy at all right now with my 888. Seems I paid more money for a lesser camera

  • @factory819 Give our CS department a call at 1.800.653.3334 and we'll try to figure out what's up with that - transitional periods are one thing, but it sounds like something else might be up with yours.

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