Moultrie Mobile 2.0 Live – Bugs and Technical Issues

Moultrie Mobile 2.0 is now available through your web browsers. The smartphone apps are not live yet. Users will be alerted when they go live. See “Alerts” thread for more details.

The Moultrie Team is asking for your help. We want your feedback concerning the new system. Please discuss all bugs and technical issues in this thread. Thank you for your support.



  • Looks good so far. The email said the app would be 2.1? I have version 2.01. I guess that's right?

  • One of my modems camera name changed and it is showing my data usage at 203% and not receiving any pics since the 23rd. On Tuesday my usage was at around 80% so there is something wrong.

  • Also, looks like some setting have changed as well

  • Thank you for the feedback, your account has been fixed. Some of the settings might have changed on some accounts as the new system was fixing settings issues from the old system. For example: If your modem was missing a setting in the old system it would have been corrected in the new system.

  • So is the whole system up and running? I have been trying to get my modems (2) registered today and I only got 1 to successfully register. Neither is connecting to the server?

  • @nrochel On your active modem (************84) press the test button again and I will check to see if it reaches our system. It successfully connected to verizon at 5:47pm CST but it never reached our system.

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    Set up my two new cameras/modems. They're both uploading pics to the site but I'm not getting any notification. Both are set to immidiate and email and phone # is correct
  • New image notifications are currently disabled in the system. We are going to enable them when we roll out the phone apps.

  • Codemonkey, thanks for the information. I will try that in the AM.. Any insite as to why my other modem fails.t register on moiltriemobile online?

  • U should be able to activate it now. That modem id was reporting it had already been registered but when we checked, it was not active so we reset it.

  • Codemonkey,

    Thanks you so much. I got the other modem registered. I will go hit the test button and see if they register with the Moultrie server.

    Thanks again

  • I am able to access my account but I have not received any new images since 8/21/2017.

  • Is anyone receiving new images?

  • @lawsonjustin i looked at your modem and its last checkin was last night but it is not recognizing your camera. Check the cable between the modem and camera and or the camera batteries. Also make sure the camera is on custom start if ur camera has that option.

  • Thanks Codemonkey. I went in and have my pics. Looks like setting have reverted back again as well. The name of the camera defaulted back as well as the the upload frequency from immediate to once a day. The graph for my data usage is still way off as well.

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    @codemonkey, The camera was working fine before 8/22/17 it has new batteries. I do not have access to the equipment because the camera is 300 miles away.

  • Codemonkey,
    I got both of the modems registered and they are connecting to the server, but 1 of the modems is not connecting to the camera. I have tried a M-888 (identical to the camera that is operating with my other modem) and a M-40i. Both cameras recognize that they are connected, as they say "USB connected" on the camera itself, but the modem would not show the camera light with either.

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    @nrochel, if you have access to the camera try formating the sd card from the camera

  • Codemonkey,
    thanks for the tip. it looks like it is up and running now on both modems. I noticed in the Moultrie mobile dashboard it says that my modems have 5% and 13% signal strength, however both showed 3 bars on the modem itself.

    is this something to be concerned with?

    thanks again for all your help!

  • Requested a hi res.

  • @nrochel the signal strength can fluctuate throughout the day and is affected by many things: cloud cover, foliage, and cell towers fluctuate power levels as well depending on usage and many other factors.

  • @codemonkey is there anything else that I can do? or do I need to go out into the field and reset the camera and modem? I would have already went and checked on it but it's a 6 hour drive...

  • @scooter737 Thank you for pointing this out again, we finally tracked down what was going on and it shouldn't happen anymore. I will check your account again in the morning to see if it happens again, The data reset on the 29th should fix it moving forward if I missed something. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    @lawsonjustin I'm sorry but I just checked your account again to make sure and your modem just checked in without the camera again. Unfortunately, there isn't anything that can be done remotely if the modem can't recognize the camera.

    8/27/2017 1:13:27 PM Users modem '****************17' checked in without a camera attached.

  • In all of the updates done, you couldn't have our app remember our username and password? This is a major pain in the a$$. It never fails that when you are driving, get an alert, and then you have to pull over because the damn app logged itself out.
  • I am unable to sign into my account . It tells me my email or password are not correct which they are . When I try to reset my password it just says something went wrong. I tried to re-register but it won't let me do that either.

  • Set my modem and A20i out this past Thursday morning. All seemed to be working when I left the property but haven't received any pics yet, and I know there are deer walking in front of the unit. Everything on my account looks good and the modem is active. Any ideas? Thanks
  • To add to my post, the unit worked in the house because it took and sent pics to my phone before the server went offline.
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    @codemonkey Thanks for looking into this issue for me, but this really sucks.

  • @derekbrendel All of the changes that were done was to focus on reliability and stabilization to accomidate the growing system moving forward and to allow for new feature development.

    The new version of the Apps are not available yet!

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