M-50 No Response

Put in new batteries, it reads B99%, No Memory, Motion Detect. Push all the button and nothing. Push Menu, Quick Start comes up, Options, Start. Hit options, you can change the date, hit start-nothing.


  • Taking it back, not going to put up with this BS. Any other recommendations?

  • Go to Browning had one in the field next to the M50i and hands down took picture for 6 months with the Browning and still had battery life after 6 months M50i lasted a month. POS

  • @meekerman Sounds like it's having trouble reading the SD Card. If you haven't taken it back already, I'd try a different SD card. Make sure it isn't locked (little tab on the side) and that it's a class 10, standard SDHC (not XC/high speed) card that is formatted and clean.

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