Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Moultrie and forum members
Thanksgiving morning 2017 an old warrior and 8 turkeys


  • Happy Thanksgiving to you and all as well.

    All I've received this mornings is a bunch of does-not even a single Thanksgiving turkey.

  • I just got a decent buck and a doe at 11:30 am. I'll post it when the hi res comes in. I killed my biggest buck on Thanksgiving morning back in the late 90s. My son got one last Thanksgiving morning. It's like a magical time for us up through the Thanksgiving weekend.

  • Son had another successful Thanksgiving.

  • That's awesome!
  • Happy gobble gobble folks, went in the morning to try and find this guy for my buddy but not much moving. Temp dropped this morning and started seeing much more action on cameras in the evening. If you ever get a chance and feel inclined, by all means try this....... Spinach artichoke dip stuffed back straps, and of course the old stand by just Incase the stuffed disappointed which it did not. Congrats to your son on turkey day.
  • Thanks. I'd much rather have them backstraps, than turkey. I'm kinda partial to that honey baked ham though. Especially those fried ham sandwiches afterwards. Good luck on that big one.

  • Rather cook a turkey breast then use it the next day for sammiches
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    Matter of fact, I just stopped by Honey Baked and got a little more. lol I had hoards of deer pics up until about 10 last nite. The wind kicked up last night and the rain has started. No pics the last 18 hrs.

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    Dead this morning. Started pouring at 6am . Nothing since, went out and corned in the rain instead. Rain should stop around 2-3pm and should be game on from there until dark
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