Modem not sending pics

My modem is not sending me pics, but says modem made connection this morning and camera shows it took pictures. Anyone have any idea what the problem could be?


  • What time was your last picture taken that actually sent?
  • A few days ago
  • Great! Now I'm waiting for rotating bug of no pictures coming my way. It's kind of like a stomach bug........ It rotates it's way around.
  • I'm over 37 hours now. I had pics coming in around the clock with the rut and that nice green plot. I should waste 2 pics a day on 1 hr time lapse just to keep my curiosity down.

  • Sitting on a stand now watching feeder with deer in front of camera and getting a random picture every once in a while. Typical performance!
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    Got me another pic finally on the @$$CAM.......

  • I apparently need to thin out the squirrels... That's practically all I've received all weekend. Deer must have moved on.
  • Nothing here since 5:04 this morning. Yesterday was slim to none also, sure as shit isn't pressure. Haven't hunted this spot yet. And corn been out a week with tons of pics the day after laying it out. But it's low pressure system this weekend.
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    86% service and it's seemed to work better than when I had 100% service across the street. Now it's an hour away
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    86 is good. lol. I'm 48% and I got 7 pics this evening. 2 more rear end pics. Rain and wind about to hit in a couple hours.

  • I'm looking at deer in front of the camera and nothing is up dating. Then a few days later a bunch of pictures uploaded. Changed batteries rebooted and tested the modem some pictures are sent one day then nothing for days
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