XA 7000i false triggering empty photos with no animals or people.



  • @Marshaljj18 I would give Moultrie customer service a call on Monday and talk it through with them. They have great CS and I bet they will be able to help you out.
  • Glad I read this topic before sending my upc code in w/rebate. I’ll just return the cam to Cabela’s. 1000’s of pics of nothing and maxed data.

  • I ended up calling them about my camera that was taking 100’s of photos an hour. They asked me to bring it home and put it in a dark closet and see if it does the same thing. It took 300 photos in an hour in my closet. So they then had me send it back to them and I should be getting a replacement.
  • @flatfour said:

    @CaptainClaptrap said:
    I have XV7000i and was getting a lot of false daytime triggers--probably wind and shadows. I cannot find a "max upload" setting on mine, so what I did is made a 8am-5pm time lapse and set the interval to 24 hours.

    So if you set it time lapse for 24 hours doesn't that disable the motion detect for the other times? I would love to only get it to take pictures from 5PM -9AM, but I'm not sure how setting it this way makes that work? Can you explain this a little more or maybe take a screen shot of how you have it set up?

    Update. I was wrong about this feature. It still detects during the time lapse period. My initial results must have been coincidence. Now my approach is to set upload limits and skip the daytime uploads that trigger the limit notifications. Not the best, but its an improvement.

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