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  • The security code is to protect the user from theft, insuring a stolen camera will not work for the thief. If you can't contact the seller, I think you are screwed.
  • You can dislike the expense, but if you want it to run correctly without problems you should use what the Moultrie is telling you... There is a reason for it. Rechargeable batteries do not work well with trailcams.
  • Sorry you are having problems. I have the 180i, and have had zero problems. I had it out for a few weeks and had over 1000 pics. Still have plenty of batt power.
  • Just click on the folder in my pc, and keep clicking the folder that pops up, you should go right to the pic's.
  • A beautiful 8 ptr.
  • Right feral dog.
  • I have one as well, and haven't used it yet. I plan to very soon once the snow is gone from where I need to put it. The camera has a two year warranty on it, so if I have any problems like you are experiencing I will be sending it in for repair.
  • I have Windows 10, and save them to a pic folder, and email them all the time. Note: When attaching you must choose the pic, in its small state, without enlarging to send as an attachment. The receiver will be able to see the pic in full size.
  • A lot of you guys are complaining that the camera takes no pictures, or it says no sd card.. That is one of the things that will happen if you do not format the sd card correctly. You must insert the card in your computer, rt clk on it and select…
  • In 2012, I had two bucks like that and got good pics or each. On the 2nd day of archery season I tagged one of them, at 221 lbs, and 11 pt. Hope you get this one he is a keeper.
  • You have the correct software for your computer, just rt click on the sd card and choose format. Then choose FAT32, vs NTFS.
  • The Camlocbox for the 180i did come today, but there is no part nr for it anywhere. It does look exactly like the one that is shown in the web site I put on earlier. It fits the box like a glove and seems to be heavier duty than some others.
  • I can not give you a Part number yet, but I expect the new box to arr this afternoon or tomorrow, and I will be able to provide it. If other owners are interested they can view the correct Camlocbox at this link.…
  • I would wonder if with the S50I and a full of batts and backup 12v bat will work together.
  • I had a typo in an earlier post calling my cam a m800. It is a M-880.
  • Anyone know the last firmware update to the M-880 trail cams.
  • Did you just delete the images or reformat the card.. If you reformatted the card to get rid of images, did you choose to reformat in NTFS. If you have a newer computer, with win7 and up it would most likely have chosen the NTFS. Moultrie requir…
  • Looks to me like he broke his antler, or pushed off to one side by running into something, or another deer during mock battle while antlers were in early stage of development.
  • same situation with me... I am looking for new firmware for my 1st gen M800.
  • They are still being sold as one of Moultries best cameras.
    in M 1100i Comment by Downeaster March 2018
  • Take the sd card and put it in a computer. on my computer find the sd card, and rt click it. Select format, then choose FAT32, not NTFS. Your sd card should be good to go now.
  • First off, i might chime in. The Sd cards must be formatted in Fat32, not the general NTFS format like most computers are now... Right click on sd card in computer and select format, when you see a choice, select Fat32, that should clear things up.
  • I did notice that some are having problems doing firmware updates. Note that Moultrie recommends to reformat sd cares with Fat32, not NTFS.
  • I have two older model Moultrie Cameras, although one isn't that old. I would like to know what were the last firmware updates, and where I can get them. I have a first gen m-880, and a m-1100i. No firmware updates show on the Moultrie support si…

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