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  • The cases are generally sealed pretty well, but there has to remain some distance between the lens assembly and the image sensor, so what usually happens is it creates a small micro climate generalized around the imaging pieces. I know they've done …
  • @MajorDad What model/year camera is it? The Fresnel lenses are tailored to each one so they would need that info to make sure you're getting the right piece.
  • @JAPA11 If it was ever going to happen, I imagine it would happen during new platforms each year. They generally release new camera models around the first of the year with improvements from last year, etc.
  • I wonder if a Developer driven social media presence (ALA Microsoft Azure services on Twitter, etc) would help expedite updates. Less formal, more off the cuff type things.
  • I've heard some people have good luck with putting no-fog on their lens but I think you run the risk of voiding your warranty and/or ruining the camera if the chemicals have a bad reaction with anything.
  • Appears to be working now
  • Maybe something got clogged and now everything is playing catch-up. I'd be interested to know if you get anything within the next hour or so. If not, I'll see who I can shake loose from the hunting stand to figure it out.
  • I didn't get any overnight, but I just got one presently so they are flowing right now it appears.
  • Oh it was well more than that on 3G. I've heard equivalence of 35 thumbnails for the image plan, but I can say from previous experience for 3G that the file sizes for hi-res images quite often exceed even that number.
    in 3G off? Comment by Ninjaneer November 9
  • If you look at the plans page on you can see out of the gate that the 4G Equipment has a shift in the plans - using images over raw data. Otherwise I would expect to see potentially faster upload times (4G has much more bandwidth)…
    in 3G off? Comment by Ninjaneer November 9
  • You might be surprised. If the moisture is held between the lens and the actual Image sensor it would already be so thin as to not spread out. Take for example a 2 megapixel image sensor; the entire surface area of the sensor can be only a few mm…
  • Maybe it's the missing texts from a couple of days ago? In all seriousness though, if that keeps up you might want to reach out to customer service and give them a heads up that something strange is consistently happening.
  • If it was on the ground there's a chance it's had some water ingress that could be fitzing with the electronics. I'd bring it in and let it get nice and settled, and if it still doesn't work give a call to customer service and see what they can do f…
  • Have you tried it on 3 burst or single image? maybe there is something hinky going on with three triggered for that particular model
  • Looks like there was a small hiccup with the piece that actually serves the images up for render. The images were there, just not loading properly.
  • Is it set to immediate? It's possible you had a temporary dip in coverage area where the modem is and, if it's set on immediate, it probably burned through quite a bit of battery power attempting to connected every time a picture was taken.
  • Cloud storage tends to be fairly cheap if you look into it. Plus, any good design would dictate that the picture is loaded on demand, so it's sitting there dormant until you actually navigate to the page that it's on. I would hazard a guess that …
  • Technically I don't think they are actively replacing 3G towers yet, but it wouldn't surprise me if they weren't necessarily fixing 3G towers as they go down. Unfortunately the modems are at the mercy of the provider in that regard, and there isn't …
    in 3G off? Comment by Ninjaneer November 7
  • I'm still catching up on some of the comments, but let me first say that the server traffic does not affect the motion detect. If it were to affect anything it would be how long it takes to upload your photos, but the reason the camera/modem are det…
  • It needs to be a class 10 SD card. The standard cards you can still get class 4 cards and such, which while technically they will probably work fine, higher resolution/videos may cause problems.
  • They stopped as of yesterday? I've had pretty consistent notifications since Friday night (a few hiccups before hand)
  • There might have been a few hiccups with the notification servers over the past few days, but all my notifications are rolling in like clockwork again. Hopefully yours are too!
  • You might have a slightly tough time photographing them with the camera. The terrarium glass/plastic/whatever it's made out of could interfere with the motion sensor. And even if it didn't, the PIR sensor works off motion of a temperature gradient (…
  • I wouldn't hold your breath that 5G Replaces 4G anytime soon though. The frequency of 5G makes it an extremely poor candidate for rural areas with heavy woods and stuff.
  • Also make absolutely sure the camera isn't in Quick-Start mode. Sometimes that switch can be fidgety and get accidentally knocked into quick-start without you realizing it, and that would prevent settings changes from persisting.
  • Something sounds wonky with it. I'd give a shout to Moultrie Customer Service and they should be able to walk you through some troubleshooting steps to see what might be giving it fits.
    in A30i Comment by Ninjaneer October 29
  • @mjp108 Out of curiosity, what version of firmware are you running on that camera?
  • They shouldn't dry rot like that, I've got some cameras that have been out in the field for quite a long time with no issue. I'd call CS and see if they can help you out. Technically they can be replaced, but doing so would require opening the camer…
  • @meekerman Sounds like it's having trouble reading the SD Card. If you haven't taken it back already, I'd try a different SD card. Make sure it isn't locked (little tab on the side) and that it's a class 10, standard SDHC (not XC/high speed) card th…
  • @fburnham Ever hear back from support on your issue?

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