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  • That's an older model, I doubt a firmware upgrade will fix it. Likely there is a cmos battery or something that has finally given up the ghost and the RTC chip inside isn't keeping time anymore
  • Is it missing tags, or tagging things wrong? They'll need that kind of info to improve the system.
  • The timelapse can be a bit tricky (and perhaps isn't explained well), because the timeframes can't overlap or something. My memory on the subject is a little fuzzy, but if you get a camera in hand you can see that the first sequence can only be set …
  • @twinsdad I'm not quite following what you're saying. Even without selecting the smart tag in the filter I can view images that both have and don't have tags. I'd say if you come across a picture that has a deer but isn't tagged as deer, that would …
  • I doubt Moultrie will completely get rid of the external modem - it will likely live on in some form for quite awhile, as there is just too much potential customers to be lost by getting rid of it (I.E. anyone who has a moultrie camera from 2015+)
  • Like @donejones said, Moultrie put out a memo at some point (It's somewhere around here) saying it would continue to work until the end of the year, but that entirely relies on Verizon. Given that they are sunsetting the network, I wouldn't be surpr…
  • Your phone has quite a lot of video processing power, and when you send a video to someone it's compressed and designed for that - if you look at the raw video file, it's much larger than the one that gets texted/sent via snapchat and stuff. I kn…
  • I'll stir up the powers that be and see if I can get some investigation on the photo editor thing. @Proaction14 Are you using the website or app to delete the pictures? I just deleted a slew of them and had no problems.
  • Still having problems @Gr8whitehuntr? Had a reliable source glance over the back-end this morning and the report was that both of your devices were sending pictures as of this morning.
  • The server/camera light will only come on during initial power up and/or if you hit the test button - during routine operation only the awake light comes on. Are you hitting the test button each time or just letting the camera take a picture and wak…
  • What camera are you using, out of curiosity?
  • There is a small mechanical filter that slides in front of the lens depending on the time of day. Occasionally there might be a small plastic bur or some kind of other debris that can keep it from sliding back and forth. Usually, it's a simple as fo…
  • 31 minute seems to specific to be a coincidence, yet too absurd to be scheduled.
  • Can you post up one of the pictures? this will help us see if there might be something inconspicuous that could be triggering the camera. Another thing you could try (assuming that you have access to the camera in any way) is to put it facing a wall…
  • Setting aside for a minute that it took a bit to decipher your message (no fault of your own, more a lack of sleep on my part), how exactly did they break? The small powder charge they put in the cameras isn't supposed to go off until 2 months after…
  • Almost Heaven, West Virginia?
  • @dpekera I wonder if it's thinking the same camera is hooked up to each modem. I.E. when the MV1 checks in, it shows the MV1, and when the MV2 checks in, it flips it over.
  • I think a few people have them so far (even one person here on the Forum) so they are definitely out there; might not be a ton of them in circulation just yet though.
  • Sounds like it could be an image sensor problem. I'd give a call into Customer Service and have a picture ready that you can send them for them to look at.
  • @jamcrosi You'll definitely need to put a call into Customer Service, they should be able to walk you through some troubleshooting steps with the new hardware.
  • Can you post one of the pictures here on the thread so we can look at it? might give us a better idea of what could be going on.
  • Put it facing and up against a wall where there is absolutely no way anything could trigger it and see if it still continuously takes pictures; that would be a sure fire way to tell if something might have happened to the PIR sensor.
  • It should have automatically come back on after having no batteries inserted for that amount of time.
  • @dpekera This will depend on how long the battery tray is out. There is some residual capacitance inside the unit which keeps it in it's low power state for a sparse second or two when you remove the battery tray. If you drop the tray and immediatel…
  • Alright guys. While I appreciate the banter back and forth this thread is starting to go in circles. How about we all agree to disagree and move on?
  • The cases are generally sealed pretty well, but there has to remain some distance between the lens assembly and the image sensor, so what usually happens is it creates a small micro climate generalized around the imaging pieces. I know they've done …
  • @MajorDad What model/year camera is it? The Fresnel lenses are tailored to each one so they would need that info to make sure you're getting the right piece.
  • @JAPA11 If it was ever going to happen, I imagine it would happen during new platforms each year. They generally release new camera models around the first of the year with improvements from last year, etc.
  • I wonder if a Developer driven social media presence (ALA Microsoft Azure services on Twitter, etc) would help expedite updates. Less formal, more off the cuff type things.
  • I've heard some people have good luck with putting no-fog on their lens but I think you run the risk of voiding your warranty and/or ruining the camera if the chemicals have a bad reaction with anything.

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