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  • Read the last post here: I think my son uses the card reader from apple. He had the Iphone 8. Has the xs max or whatever it is now. Not sure if he's tried to download with it ye…
  • How many pics you getting a week? If I could buy 13 cameras and the SD cards, the batteries wouldn't be the end of the world @Speedy lol. 10k-20k pics a set. Bulk alkaline .21 cents. Bulk lithium probably a dollar a piece.…
  • It suppose to @wrightb . I had issues with it on 5 minutes as above. I wouldn't have a clue if its gaining on hour intervals. I thought it was weak signal and upload time, but if its hourly and doing it you should call them so they can look into it.
  • Try firmware updates or send it in for warranty if its less than 2 yrs. We(other customers) try to help out. Moultrie created this for us, and they come help when they can. About all the help I can be.
  • I've ran it on a couple cameras that wouldn't update. Seemed to be ok for those short times.
  • Yes it's got the i. Haven't noticed that one, and it wasn't on the firmware page. Give it a shot.
    in W30i Comment by donejones January 30
  • If you are doing security you need one with an "i" on the end. So its not a visible flash. I could be wrong, but I don't know of a 35 camera with an "i" with it. I really like my A35's
    in W30i Comment by donejones January 30
  • Think my next camera won't be i series. Like the red flash nite pics a lot.
    in W30i Comment by donejones January 29
  • Would never have guessed deer did that if I hadn't watched it.
  • Appears it's on the ground in the second pic? It's beyond the ear. He lost them both in 12 mins? lol. Hard to make it all out with pic size. I see a G3 on the top pic. Can't make one out on the ground. Them squirrels may beat you to it. I had a …
  • @dpekera arrow keys work fine doing that on my keyboard once you click on a pic.
  • That's what I thought. That message confused me, but i know it had been resetting the evening of the 20th for a while.
  • Yeah it ends there. Seems like it use to be 21st billing and the 28th like the message. But. def. evening of the 20th now.
  • Guess it didn't matter. Time lapse didn't come on anyway.
  • Hard to say without laying eyes on it. No triggers, something disconnected it, electronic malfunction. If you don't need the pics on the card as hi res, maybe try formatting and erasing the card on the app or web.
  • Could be 3g signal in the area? Usb port not damaged? "usb connected" showing? In custom start? I'd have it on hand and call them.
  • Quick would probably be preset. Custom you would think it should change maybe. Good luck with it. Think mine stays on high all the time. Not sure if I tried changing it.
  • You said cameras, as in multiple? I don't have one on me. Is there an "ok" or "save" you are suppose to select afterwards? Or maybe its on quick start instead of custom?
  • @Willyboy said: Can't change photo size on my M40 cameras Should be able to arrow down to "photo/video options". Right arrow to "photo quality". "ok" then select any one of 4.
  • Firmware files at the bottom.
  • Could be. Peeked at troubleshooting. Says basically USB related or obstructed location.
  • Not me. Think the 3g went down maybe? Unless you have others working.
  • I'd put MV2's with my better cameras like the S50i and M40i. They got all kinds of cameras on the products page, just not in stock yet. And they are compatible.
  • Hmm nobody said anything about it. Same firmware as previous season. I didn't put my S50i on Mobile this year though. And haven't tried TL with it on its own.
  • @kpayne said: I just tested with the following settings. TL Interval: 1 min. TL program 1: 8AM - 6PM TL program 2: off set to Motion/TL mode Results: captures photo every minute and still captures motion. I would cons…
  • @rom828q said: I don't think they have any plan to discontinue the MV2. They appear to be adding AT&T options in both the individual modem (MA2) and combined camera/modem unit.…
  • No, I have it and ran it all last year. I ran single time lapses a lot this year with the M40i too. You have it set to Timelapse and Motion? I had a problem once with pm time lapse frame as my first one, and using the 2nd window for the morning one.…
  • IF you want motion then you'd set one time lapse from 7am to 6pm, turn the second one to OFF. Make the interval 12 hrs on the time lapse. Or maybe do 6 hrs. 12 hr setting may be fooling it since its not TL active for a full 12 hrs to make it that fa…

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