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  • Quick would probably be preset. Custom you would think it should change maybe. Good luck with it. Think mine stays on high all the time. Not sure if I tried changing it.
  • You said cameras, as in multiple? I don't have one on me. Is there an "ok" or "save" you are suppose to select afterwards? Or maybe its on quick start instead of custom?
  • @Willyboy said: Can't change photo size on my M40 cameras Should be able to arrow down to "photo/video options". Right arrow to "photo quality". "ok" then select any one of 4.
  • Firmware files at the bottom.
  • Could be. Peeked at troubleshooting. Says basically USB related or obstructed location.
  • Not me. Think the 3g went down maybe? Unless you have others working.
  • I'd put MV2's with my better cameras like the S50i and M40i. They got all kinds of cameras on the products page, just not in stock yet. And they are compatible.
  • Hmm nobody said anything about it. Same firmware as previous season. I didn't put my S50i on Mobile this year though. And haven't tried TL with it on its own.
  • @kpayne said: I just tested with the following settings. TL Interval: 1 min. TL program 1: 8AM - 6PM TL program 2: off set to Motion/TL mode Results: captures photo every minute and still captures motion. I would cons…
  • @rom828q said: I don't think they have any plan to discontinue the MV2. They appear to be adding AT&T options in both the individual modem (MA2) and combined camera/modem unit.…
  • No, I have it and ran it all last year. I ran single time lapses a lot this year with the M40i too. You have it set to Timelapse and Motion? I had a problem once with pm time lapse frame as my first one, and using the 2nd window for the morning one.…
  • IF you want motion then you'd set one time lapse from 7am to 6pm, turn the second one to OFF. Make the interval 12 hrs on the time lapse. Or maybe do 6 hrs. 12 hr setting may be fooling it since its not TL active for a full 12 hrs to make it that fa…
  • I chose turkey. It tagged 5 pics. 4 were deer. Maybe the system is still scanning the pics since its DAY 1. Give them time to fine tune it I'd say. Our choice to choose the filter. At least they are trying to give some search options.
  • Suppose to work until the end of this year. But, that depends on Verizon I guess.
  • @SwampHunter said: One advantage of having the modem seperate from the camera is that you can move it around the tree to achieve the best signal without affecting where the camera is aiming. A couple it times, I had the modem on the back side of…
  • No, just outside the TL windows. Even thought I've had the odd picture in my time lapse sequence on rare occasion. I use time lapse a lot. Mostly on off peak times to catch deer out of detect range.
  • Well if the all in one is cheap as the external it cancels out its purpose. I just want a few of something. lol
  • Thanks @Moultrie_Girl. I mainly used the brightness and the zoom some on thumbnails. Until I figured out right mouse, and opening the pic in another window using CTRL and scroll bigger worked better for zoom. Anything I edited was after I saved it i…
  • Thanks @Ninjaneer. I use it because I keep my computer brightness low. I have to shed some light sometimes on night pics. Low importance. @Proaction14 check those boxes and hit the drop down menu above(selected) to delete on the web page.
  • I'd say we were left wondering with the first cat. Now there's an article with some info on it. Maybe we can hear from the horse soon.
  • They didn't say much of anything about that cat though, other than X. Academy shows MV2's.
  • Yeah, I liked the separate units until I saw the price. That will work as long as it has time lapse and all. I utilize that a lot regulating data and mainly during turkey season watching openings. B&H has them listed at $165, but not in stock.
  • Hmm, that looks pretty good. A big combined data package and it will be great to have a few.
  • I found the thread showing the same thing you have. You can read through that one. If none of this helps, it could just be a bad sensor of course.
  • Sounds like something to do with filter for day and night or flash for it to go back and forth. I've had pretty good luck with the A35's. Got them with card and batteries last year for about 60. Not sure how the day and night works on the cameras wi…
  • I'd say the camera needs more light with the shade that's visible. And the angle at the ground. Possibly being tricked into flashing in the daytime(filter). I would have to ask my son if ours(I have 2) have done this. Since he see's all the pics. …
  • I have an A35 and an A30i that won't take the update. Numbers stay the same and FAIL. Even with a Moultrie card. My other A35 did fine. I clear the card in the camera and start over. Same thing. They work fine on their own.
  • @gspet said: I'm on this site today because I also can't figure out the horrible manual and thus, can not set up the camera they way I'd like. I have about a dozen questions however, I'll start with this one: how do you choose to record video rat…
  • I guess you went through the setup instructions on the manual, @cindy30906 ?

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