Moultrie Mobile

I would like to pass a long an idea to improve the Moultrie Mobile Modem... It would be really nice if you could add a function to where you can make sure the connection is good between the camera and modem, such as add a capture button to where you can click on it and make the camera a picture so you know it is working, and so that you can see that you have the camera at the right height and so on. This would decrease the set up time and make the setup a lot easier. I live more than an hour and a half away from where I set mine up and it would help me out tremendously! There are a couple of more ideas that I have that would make the transition and setup time easier but this hands down would be the most beneficial. Thoughts?


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    In the wireless trail camera forum there is a topic for "Suggested Enhancements" that you could copy and paste this post.
  • @NateK417 I would also point out that all the cameras come with a 'test capture' ability to take a picture on demand, which is quite useful when setting up the system with Moultrie Mobile. The way you access the test capture is different per model line but you can consult your instruction manuals for the specific procedure for your camera.

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