880 cropped pictures

Both my 880i cameras are taking pictures day and night. However the pictures are all cropped after I download the sad card. If I send them in a text message or post them on FB they're actual size. Is there an updat for the cameras to work properly with Apple iPad? My two other cameras (different brand) show actual size when I click on the thumbnail. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks!



  • @Fishpoker10 Unfortunately iPad does some weird stuff when it comes to pictures. We're looking into the issue, but I can't say for sure what the root cause is or when we'll have a fix for it.

  • It's weird... It worked perfectly fine until they issued the 8.1 update. I could load pictures on my daughters iPad that I hadn't updated yet and there was no issue. I contacted Apple about the issue and apparently nobody else has done the same. They told me I was the first one reporting an issue. Apple could fix the issue it just takes all of us to flood their support with complaints! Thanks!

  • This is happening to me too! So frustrating. My pictures appear zoomed in after upload on my iPad and iPhone. In order to view properly I have to select each picture individually, edit, and resize to the 16:9 ratio and resave.

    Does anyone know if reformatting the SD card in the camera work to resolve?

    I'm not sure what to do to fix :(

  • Mine are flipped around and look funny too on my I-Pad. I may try to load on a computer and that will fix one of my problems

  • I'm glad I didn't fully delete mine from my iPad. If you hit edit in each individual one you can see what's on it. I almost deleted a shooter I didn't know was out there! A pain but at least a short term fix for iPad users
  • Is there a solution to this issue yet? I run 8-10 Moultrie cams and upload to my ipad while on the farm. This issue has forced me to completely change my routine on checking cameras and now I have to take cards home to view on computer.

  • I guess there is no fix to this. I posted this in the "Ask the expert" post with no response.
  • I'm looking into this guys. We use standard codecs for our image capture so it's something going on with iOS itself, which we can't really control - if we find a workaround though, you guys will be the first to know.

  • I've got the m990i gen1 and gen2 and am having the same issue on both my iPad mini and iPhone 6. Definitely would love to know if/when this problem is resolved.

  • Any progress on this situation? Brownings and Reconyx import fine... Moultries not so much
  • I would also like to know the fix for this problem. I just bought 2 new Moultrie camera's & ran into the same issues.

  • Also wondering if there's been any progress on this? I've used other trail cam's and there has been no issues with them and uploading with iOS.

  • I have the same issue with two 550s really annoying. Only fix is to select edit on the Iphone to show full pic.

  • I have an older moultrie camera. The pics from it import just fine. I'm only having this problem with the new camera I bought.
  • It's been 4 months now...any new information? I've got the email about all the new products y'all released at the ATA show but I'm guessing all the cameras still running the same crappy software?

  • I have an A20-I with the same issue. I have a couple of non Moultrie cameras that work just fine. I need to get three more and wanted to get some more Moultries. Does anyone know if this has been resolved? I'm reluctant to buy them if there isn't a fix.
  • We are having this same issue. SO FRUSTRATING! Got the kiddos a new game cam for Christmas and viewing the pics isn't even enjoyable. Older game cams didn't do this! Anyone have any new info on this?

  • Same issue here. Last spring/summer, right before my cam got cut off a tree, I began experiencing this with a few year old M990. I don't recall if I completed a firmware update around this time or not, I don't recall...I assumed the cam was starting to crap out so I would click edit-enhance and exit. The photo would then remain in full size mode. I would do this for thousands of photos just to have them remain in the "uncroped" view and saved to the devise. Anyway, just replaced the stolen cam with a M-999i and it has the same issue. Because I thought my last cam was on its way out, it stays in the Rocky Mountains from March until the snow gets deep in rifle season. Had I known the software on M's side or on Apple's side is to blame I probably wouldn't have purchased one. Love the cam- lasted 3 years or so in the mountains most of the year. Other brands work just fine with the transfer of pics. It makes me wonder if it the Apple brand adapter that reads the ad card.

    *i also contacted Apple last year when the issue presented itself. No response from them.

  • Yep. I got tired of waiting and threw my a20i in the trash. Bought some wild game innovations. No issues there.
  • still no update?

    @Moultrie_Ninjaneer said:
    @Fishpoker10 Unfortunately iPad does some weird stuff when it comes to pictures. We're looking into the issue, but I can't say for sure what the root cause is or when we'll have a fix for it.

  • @Moultrie_Ninjaneer did u guys find any fix for this problem?
  • On the iPad open the picture and then open the picture editor in the top right corner, then when in the editor press the wand icon and then press done. The picture will be saved as shown in the editor. Amazing what you find when you get to see the whole picture view.

  • I bought four of these cameras and this iOS bug is wearing me out. I'm inclined to sell these Moultrie cameras and replace with something else.
    Anybody have a third party photo app or other suggestions as a workaround to view photos on an iPad?
    I like the camera but the image viewing is a real pain.

  • We run between 6 and 8 cameras, we were running wild game cameras until I found the 880's, and we were very happy with these until the I pad update that began cropping the pictures. Yes i am aware that I can open, then edit to see the entire picture, frankly that's a big pain in the butt. yesterday I had 5 cards with a total of over 40,000 pictures it got so frustrating, I just deleted the last 30,000 plus pictures and am currently shopping for new cameras, the pisser is the cameras take great pictures, are very reliable, and batteries last forever, they were by far my favorite of all I have used in the last 20 years,but I refuse to deal with the cropping issues any longer. I am very surprised that moultrie hasn't been able to correct this after over a year of knowing it's an issue.

  • I've been having this problem since I got the first 990i and it is a complete pain! 4 of them now. I cannot believe moultrie cannot create a little ios app that allows the full size pic viewing on iphone or ipad. It takes too long to open each pic, maybe a few hundred of them, put each one in edit mode, just to see the full size 16:9 pic.....and then to delete as 99% of pics have to be deleted. I was told about an app i-easydrive that supposedly works, looked it up on app store and people hate it. Including the moultrie game camera users. I already have an SD card reader for iphone and ipad, do not need another one. WE NEED A SOLUTION TO THIS PLEASE

  • I know it doesn't help, and I don't mean to pour salt into the wound, but this is another reason why I stay away from IOS. Soooo many compatibility issues with seemingly everything. I just laugh at my wife when she gets frustrated because she ran into another issue with Apple. She's starting to see the light now though.

  • Basically the issue is that iOS is expecting a certain metadata tag that isn't populated with default .jpeg libraries/driver that is being used. That means that a fix is going to require some library/driver modification which in and of itself does not come without a somewhat significant time investment and risk of breaking the overall process.

    It's something that is on the radar but I don't know the exact time-frame to be able to fix it.

  • I sure hope you are able to fix this. I like my Moultrie's but I use my iPhone in the field and it is extremely frustrating that Moultrie pictures don't open properly. Especially when the other brands I own open just fine.

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