M40 at night

I've been sorely disappointed with the IR pics I've been getting... but maybe it's me, not the camera. In the field all I've been getting is solid blackness at night, with a little pixellation. I went out this AM to bring the camera in so that I could send it back to Moultrie with a heartfelt note. But wait a minute... the IR images on Moultrie's web site all show the animals in standing in a lit-up circle of ground, fading to blackness a short distance beyond. Could it be that my camera placement was wrong? Testing the camera at home in a dark room tonight, it's working fine. I'm thinking now that I mounted the camera too high up on the tree, so that whatever triggered it walked by underneath the field of view (and a 10 sec delay didn't help), and that nothing beyond showed up because the camera was aimed at an empty field. How far will the IR lamps reach?

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