Don't waste money on moultrie mobile

So bought a modem worked for a week then stopped. I was told I had to go back into the woods and reset it which is the total opposite reason I bought the dang thing, had to put new batteries into it as well! AFTER A WEEK! And they were lithiums. Got it working again and now a week later the same problem happened again. Called the customer service and she tells me I will most likely have to go back into the woods and get it and send it back to them and then they will send me one back within a week. She then tells me I WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR SHIPPING on there defective product. So now I'm going to have waste money on shipping, more lithium batteries, and worst of all have to go back into bedding area and push deer out during the best time of the year. The only reason I wasted money on this was to not have to go back there while still seeing what's there
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