moultrie W-40i

I bought a Moultrie W-40i. Should I set on quick start or Custom start. Which would be better. And how would you set it up if it is on custom start. How would you set it up if it is on quick start?


  • Quick start settings can't be altered. I never use the Quick Set option. I prefer Custom Start. I like a no delay, single shot setting with the lowest or second to lowest photo quality setting, since the images are interpolated to get the higher mp.

  • My W-40i was performing well with custom settings, but now it will not record any nighttime pictures at all. I have updated the firmware to the most current version, reset to factory default, pulled the battery compartment out but it still will not take night pictures. I does take pictures at other times of the day. Any suggestions?

  • Some members were having trouble with the white security lable on the inside of the door pushing on the buttons when the door is closed, causing the cam to not take pics. You might check and see if yours could be doing the same and peel it off.

  • My w40i is only taking pictures for a few hours then nothing. Just removed the security label, hopefully this solves my issue. It's most likely the problem because when I would get there, open the door and reset everything it would start taking pictures again.
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