Moultrie M40i night pictures are pitch black

I’ve used the camera for about 3 months with no problems until just recently all night pictures are pitch black. Replaced batteries and same problem continues. How can this be corrected?


  • Filter is stuck or the led's are not working. Watch it take a pic or vid through the camera on your cell phone in a dark room. This will allow you to see the led's light up, if they do light up then the filter is stuck.

  • Looking through the camera on the cell phone it shows two vertical lines when the trail camera attempts to take a picture. Is that what I should see if the LED’s are working and the filter is stuck?
  • Sounds like the led's are working. You should be able to hear a little clunk sound when the filter is moving from day to night pics. You can cover and uncover the light sensor with your thumb while taking pics to try and free up the filter, or just turn the bathroom light off and on while taking pics. If this doesn't free up the filter, then give it a few whacks on the edges with the palm of your hand until it unsticks. Several people have posted this problem on the forum and the hand whack usually does the trick.

  • Did both of the suggested fixes and night pictures are still black.
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    Well that stinks, better call customer service and see what they can do.

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