Error formatting SD card

New i 50 cameras( 6 of them) All took 300 or so pictures, then took blank 100 or so. No data on them. Now the cameras won't format the SD cards. Starts formatting, then stops with an Error. Any ideas?


  • Definitely sounds like there is a problem reading the SD card if it's not saving any pictures and not allowing you to format it. One simple (but often overlooked) issue is that the 'lock' tab on the side of the SD card gets hit by accident and leaves the card locked, so I would definitely check that.

    Otherwise your next step will be to try a different brand SD card (here is an example of one known to work) and if that doesn't help, give a quick call to customer service and see if they have any other troubleshooting steps for you.

  • First off, i might chime in. The Sd cards must be formatted in Fat32, not the general NTFS format like most computers are now... Right click on sd card in computer and select format, when you see a choice, select Fat32, that should clear things up.

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