Camera 180i does not start, light up screen

I wrote to the seller of this 180i camera --- 3 cameras in one. last year. I wrote that I put in new batteries and changed the memory. He wrote me back to put in ONLY DURACEL.. I just went and bought 12 new DURACELL batteries, installed them and still to response, screen does not light. What to do? Moultrie is saturated with calls and no tech can help me. Anyone got a clue?


  • Saying put in ONLY duracel is interesting - we actually recommend against using Duracel. Though, that being said, even using duracel or inadequate batteries should still allow the screen to light up and the camera to be responsive. I know CS is saturated a bit but honestly they are going to be your best bet with this issue - it sounds like the camera might be DOA.

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