2007 Buck - Didnt know this forum existed until lately

Here is a photo that my DEPENDABLE, OLD, MOULTRIE (6V - BLACK, White Flash, HUGE) game cam caught in 2007... That sucker went nocturnal two weeks before season started, I hunted him for the entire season, likely would have broken the OK State Record... Oh, well, at least I knew he was there... UNLIKE the experience I have now with the newer "better" cams from Moultrie I have purchased recently...


  • He's a big boy for sure. As far as the issues with 'newer' Moultrie cameras; Unfortunately complexity creates more points of failure. New features, high megapixels, faster trigger speeds - all these things exponentially increase the chance for failure. That being said, all your 'newer' Moultrie cameras have a 2 year warranty, so if something breaks down on you let us know and we'll stand behind our product.

  • That's a dandy!

    Unfortunately, that's the way all materials are these days. Cars, washer and dryers, tvs ect. Everything has a shorter life now than it did in years past.

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