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I have a new a30i. The Moultrie website doesn't seem to work, only this forum, so I have little information for guidance. Just tried the camera for a couple of days and got pictures of cows wandering into the field of view, so it seems to be working. Am I supposed to be able to view/transfer pictures though the USB connection to a PC? Connecting the USB to a PC results in the camera showing USB on its screen, but no recognition of a connection on the PC. I tried to different ones. Only way to view the pictures is to take out the SD card and read it on the PC. Is this normal? Is there any user documentation other than the quick start guide?


  • Hi BrianEV, when the camera is USB connected to the computer you should see it come up on the computer just like with other cameras and phone and external drives.

    I had almost exactly the same problem with my new M-40i a few weeks ago and posted it on this forum but got no answers. After some time and trying changing the USB cable etc. I ended up wriggling the USB plug in the camera and it started working. Seemed like the USB socket in the camera was only making partial contact with my USB cable. So I posted up what I found on this forum.

    If you try wiggling the USB connector and it still does not fix the problem (and you have already tried another cable), I think it is a warranty job so contact your camera supplier.

    For me and my M-40i, I am hoping the issue has gone away as it is a real pain to have to send things away on warranty and extra costs with postage plus downtime on the camera.


  • Thanks for the suggestions, FrankB. I have the camera set up in another location, to try it out some more for a couple of days, then I'll try your suggestion and report the results. I only tried one USB cable, but have others I know are good.

  • Well, FrankB, you were right on. I tried again with another USB cable and still no luck. Then I tried wiggling the cable connection at the camera, and it then worked. Perhaps the camera connector doesn't like being out in the cold and damp!

  • Good to hear it is working BrianEV. Hopefully it works permanently and not just until warranty runs out!

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