New modem and camera not uploading?

Hello all,

I placed my camera and modem out yesterday. It seemed to work fine at home. I got back home and changed the settings to 3 burst high, 0 sec delay, and instant upload. I got a few single shot pics that came a minute or two after they were taken. Then nothing. I saw deer moving by the camera, no pics were sent. Today at 1030 I got pics taken from 0430 to 0715. About 20 pics. Nothing all day today. Signal strength says 100, battery 100, and 77 for modem. What am I doing wrong? W30i camera

Thank you

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  • If you're that close to the camera that you know deer are in front of it, I would check to see if there are pics on the card. i.e. the camera is taking the pictures but they are not being transmitted via the modem.

    Just so you're aware, it trips a lot of new users up, the changes you make on the app or online do not take affect instantly. When the modem checks in the next time (either to transmit a picture or at 25 hours after the last activity) it will check for setting which have been changed and then make up the update.

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