Moultrie 180 No night pictures

I just recently bought, within the past 3 months, a Moultrie 180. I went and set it up the first time and had close to 400 pictures on my camera. Tons of night pictures and day pictures as well.

I took it home with me to read on my laptop, took it back out and placed more corn, feed, etc. And i went to check it a week later, 4 pictures. All day time. I know for a fact there is activity here as all my corn is gone and i see tracks.

I have tried hard resetting, cleaning the SD card, removing the batteries and replacing them, all the works.

Any suggestions?


  • Did you just delete the images or reformat the card.. If you reformatted the card to get rid of images, did you choose to reformat in NTFS. If you have a newer computer, with win7 and up it would most likely have chosen the NTFS. Moultrie requires cards to be in FAT32. There is a choice when you format.

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