M-40i taking pink videos

My M-40i has been taking pink videos in the daytime, I have googled it online but with no success. Does anyone know of a solution?


  • Filter is stuck in night time mode. You can put your thumb off and on the light sensor while taking pics to try and free it. You should hear a clunk sound everytime the filter transitions. If that doesn't work a few whacks with the palm of your hand will often knock it loose.

  • Its not usually stuck when I first start it, it usually gets stuck the morning after I set the camera out. So the first day, day videos are good, but after that its pink daytime videos.
  • Don't know how you would fix that issue. Maybe bring it to the house, put it in pic mode and take a bunch of pics in a bathroom while flipping the light off and on. Maybe making the filter do alot of transitioning would work out the kinks.

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