I have a M-550 1st gen. It worked flawlessly the first season (2015) and starting messing up Nov. 2017. I replaced the batteries and SD card then after that only 7 of the led lights for the flash would work. I replaced the batteries again and now only 4 of led's will work. I have tried several SD cards and tried formatting them. I have tried a reset but with no luck. Is there anything else I can try or has another moultrie cam of mine died an early death? Thanks


  • It might have reached the end of its life. Depending on the elements that the camera was in, it may have certainly shorten the life. Unfortunately, as customers request smaller, lighter and cheaper cameras, it will mean sacrifices and that often comes with longevity.

  • I didn't expect it to last too long being a moultrie anyway, but it was only in the woods being used for a total of 3 months at most. Rain and a few days of mildly freezing weather is the harshest weather it had to endure.

  • The LEDs definitely shouldn't have burnt out that quickly. Out of curiosity, did you leave the batteries in between the first season (2015) and when it started messing up in 2017?

  • No, I always remove the batteries if not being used. When the led's went out there were still 7 that worked. I changed batteries and put in a new SD card with no change. After that I did a reset and only 4 led's would light up.

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