No pictures last night

I have an M-series W-40i trail camera. The first night I used it, I got great pictures. I saved those pictures to my computer so I can email (which is a different issue) to friends. I did not delete those pictures off the SD card. I put the SD card back into the camera. I wanted to change a few settings, such as changing the settings for the video to run longer, change the delay setting. I tried to do this within quick start and I couldn't figure out how to do it there. So I switched to custom settings. I was able to change the delay to none. Not able to figure out how to change the video run time to last longer than the setting from factory. At one point I did select the reset to factory setting, thinking it would go back to what it was when I bought it, but it didn't, all my settings were still there. All the changes I am trying to do is with the door open.

I'm not quite sure I am running this thing the correct way. I think I was lucky my first night having it and from there I don't know. I could have sworn when I first set it up that the menu button worked and I could scroll through certain settings and change them. Now the menu button doesn't seem to function at all. I press the menu button and nothing comes up on the screen. I change it to Quick start, press the left arrow button for the options, and try to make changes, but they don't occur. So I switched to Custom settings and do the same, and I think I make the changes, try to push the right arrow button to start, it starts to take pictures then it stopped as soon as I get out of the view of the camera. After I press the start button it flashes these settings on the screen, which are not what I selected.

This may sound like a stupid question, but is there any weather that this camera can not be in? It was exposed to rain all day yesterday. Chilly nights.

Are there any better instructions than what comes with the camera? I hope I can get this fixed for tonight.


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