P180i - erratic behaviour

I've had my new Moultrie P180i camera for a couple of weeks now and after many hours of trying still can't get it to operate properly in the "motion detect" capture mode. Similar to those with other Moultrie models on this forum the camera seems extremely erratic about when it triggers on motion. I currently have the camera located adjacent to the front door and with people passing close by several times an hour there should be no problem with insufficient motion. But sometimes it won't trigger at all right from the moment it's turned on (by custom - start), other times it seems to work well for a few hours, then stops. Surely these cameras should be able to operate for 24 hours a day without a break?

Following the recommendations I find elsewhere in this forum:-

  • I've downloaded and installed the most recent firmware (P180i-170808)
  • I've used several different SD cards (all Sandisk and all formatted FAT, 8GB and 16GB, all with stacks of free space)
  • The battery monitor reads 99% or 100% and I've tried different batteries
  • I've removed the white anti-theft strip

Although I'm not using the time lapse feature, I've a suspicion that because the camera goes to sleep at apparently arbitrary times, a time lapse feature might have something to do with it. I've set TL1 to "always on", and the settings in the settings.xml files that appears on the SD are:=

<TL1_START_CT      value = "A" />
<TL1_STOP_CT       value = "0" />
<TL1_INT_CT        value = "10" />
<TL2_START_CT      value = "O" />
<TL2_STOP_CT       value = "19" />
<TL2_INT_CT        value = "10" /> 

I'm interested to know whether these values are consistent with my settings, although it shouldn't really matter as I'm using the "motion detect" capture mode, not a time lapse mode

I'm now at a loss to know how to get this camera to work properly.

Has anyone any suggestions?


  • I have one as well, and haven't used it yet. I plan to very soon once the snow is gone from where I need to put it. The camera has a two year warranty on it, so if I have any problems like you are experiencing I will be sending it in for repair.

  • Thanks, I'll look forward to hearing whether you have any problems.

    But you could always test it locally - indoors if necessary. I'm assessing mine every day, and every day it stops detecting after a few hours, sometimes 2 hours, sometimes 6 hours - once it managed 12 hours. It should work continuously.

    Yes, I'm considering returning it, but I wanted to find out whether there is a setting I've got wrong, or something else that someone more experienced with this camera can suggest.

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