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I have a 2 week old A30 that has not taken a single night picture. The day time pics are excellent and plentiful. I find it very hard to believe that when deer are wandering by multiple times a day that not once in 2 weeks has anything walked past at night. I guess the first step should be to bring it in and test it at the house so I know for a fact that it isn't working properly and I will do that next weekend.
I am very new to trail cameras so it's possible I have done something incorrectly but I have read and reread the instructions and see nothing about night time use or programming. But am I just missing something simple, like a setting that I'm seeing or misunderstanding?


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    There is no day only setting, so I'm sure you have it set right. Testing it in a dark room is your best bet. There is really no reason why a cam wouldn't detect movement at night if it's detecting during the day. It is possible to only have daylight movement with deer. I have had a new cam set on corn and had it take almost a week to get a night pic. Normally I would get pics every night at this spot. Keep us updated on if it detects you in the dark, or if it has some odd defect.

  • Thanks. I will have to get it back to the house to test it. Will follow up then.

  • @jac63 Make sure you have the most up-to-date firmware. If you still cant get it to trigger any nighttime photos, or if you arent sure how to update the firmware, give our customer service team a call and we will gladly talk you through it and get you taken care of. 1-800-653-3334

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    Thank you, I had another week of no night pictures so I checked the firmware and installed the newest version. Just checked it out in a dark closet and it took 6 pictures (2 series of 3) so I believe that was the issue. I will put it back out tomorrow and see how it goes but I think it is fixed.

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