Time and date

I have an A-8, I believe it is a first gen., and I can't set the time or date. It seems as though the "enter" button doesn't work at all. Any suggestions from anyone? Thanks


  • Hey @pawpawp , if you have an A8, it's likely several years old as that is a 2014 or 2015 model if I remember correctly.

    I've never taken one of them apart but I would assume the panel under the buttons are either damaged or dirty. If it's damaged, there's not much else you can do as I'm sure it's not in warranty anymore and given it's an entry level camera, not worth the money to fix.

    If it's dirty, you might try trying to clean it GENTLY with a small took or perhaps an air hose. Proceed at your own risk though as you may cause more damage.

    In the end, if it were me, I would try to gently clean it up until the point I felt like I was going to do damage, then if it wasn't fixed, I would use use it with the wrong date and time.

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