A-20i flash not working?

Picture is taken, but is mostly black--subject not visible. The attached pic was taken in the dark under my desk. As you can (not) see, there is no light even at 2 feet. I have updated the firmware and checked all camera settings that I could find. Any suggestions?

Bob R.


  • Could be a stuck filter or the led's are not working. Watch it take a pic in a dark room through the camera on your cell phone. This will allow you to see the led's light up. If they light up then it's probably a stuck filter.

  • The LEDs do light, but are barely visible, very faint. The pictures, even at a few feet, are very dark. I'm not sure what you mean by a "stuck filter". Can you advise me as to what to do about the camera? These symptoms have existed since the camera was new. Also, daylight pictures are extremely color-saturated, favoring the greens.

    I'm definitely NOT impressed by this trail cam so far. Maybe I'm expecting too much? I'd appreciate your thoughts and advice.

    Bob R.

  • The filter goes in place when it switches from day to night photos and again when it goes back from night to day. You should here a slight clunk sound when the filter goes into place. Test it one of two ways. Place your thumb over the light sensor and take a pic and then remove your thumb and take a pic, or go into your bathroom and take pics with the bathroom light off and on. Everytime a pic is taken going from light to dark or dark to light you should here the clunk of the filter. The over saturated green color was a problem with some of the cams in the last few years, especially the lower priced ones. Last year's m40 and m40i take some nice day pics with better color.

    Here is a link to a camera taken apart and inner workings explained that you might find interesting https://www.allaboutcircuits.com/news/teardown-tuesday-motion-activated-outdoor-trail-camera/

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    Interesting tear-down. I took pictures into a mirror with partial room light with the light sensor covered and with it uncovered. When covered, the ir lights were full on; off when uncovered. There was no notable difference between the pictures' exposure. So, it's possible that the IR filter is not moving away from the camera? Is this what you mean by a stuck filter? I don't really hear any clunk sound when switching between light and dark (covered/uncovered light meter) even with my ear on the camera.

    I am an amateur photographer (for many years) and have had several 35mm film cameras and now, digital cameras. I find the saturated green color very unacceptable. So, what do you think I should do with this trail cam that can't take visible pics at night and super-green pics during the day? I was told that Moultrie cams were some of the best. Is there a remedy? The cam is out of warrantee, I'm sure. I'm interested in your thoughts on this, as you seem to be very knowledgeable on the subject of trail cams.

    Bob R.

  • Should be able to hear a clunk sound, so I would say the filter is stuck. When stuck in daytime mode pics will be black at night. When stuck in night time mode the pics will be normal at night, but pink during the day. If it doesn't unstick by taking several pics with alternating the lighting conditions then give it some good whacks on the edges of the cam with the palm of your hand. That has worked for many people through the years to unstick a filter. If that doesn't work try calling customer service and see if they can come up with something. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about the green pics.

    Here is a good place to see sample pics and reviews of trailcams https://www.trailcampro.com/collections/wildlife-trail-cameras

  • It must be stuck in the daytime mode--pics are black at night. Makes sense. Do all models have this problem? Will I have it again, if I get it unstuck per your instructions? This can't be a common thing or there would be some angry customers!

    I think I'll rattle customer service's cage a little. I shouldn't be stuck with a camera that takes green pictures during the day and doesn't work at night! Thanks for your help. (my pics don't look anything like the ones in your link)

    Bob R.

  • A stuck filter is something that can happen with any model from any manufacturer, though it shouldn't happen very often. Anyone who uses cameras regularly will eventually deal with a stuck filter. I can only remember having the issue once with a WGI camera and I've been using game cams since the original 35mm cameras. Best of luck with your camera.

  • @BoMan47

    Verify that the camera has fresh batteries and a working SD Card inserted. Follow the steps below based on the year and series of the model of camera that you have. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times. If the problem is still not resolved, call customer service. 1-800-653-3334.

    IR Filter Troubleshooting:

    1. Verify that the Camera has fresh batteries and a working SD Card inserted
    2. Turn Camera On
    3. Select “Motion Detect” mode from settings or “ON” for A-series.
      4.Cover the image sensor. (Do NOT actually touch the glass, just cover).
    4. Wait for Photo to be taken, listen for filter “click”
    5. Repeat Steps 3 & 5, removing step 4 (Do not cover sensor)
    6. If problem persists, repeat procedure 2-3 times.
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