W-30i (same as A30i) setup for nighttime videos

I can't seem to understand how to set up cam for motion started videos between 11PM to 6AM. Is there an easy way to set up the camera only to come on from the time you would like? Thanks


  • It is not possible to set the cam to only take videos during a specific time frame.

  • Thanks for the info. If I select the video feature for night time does the video last as long as the motion is being detected, and then stops until the next time motion triggers it?

  • No. The video will record for a predetermined length, shut off and start again when motion is detected. Video records for probably 10 seconds, I'm not sure what the length is, but it should say in the manual. The technology you are talking about in having it continually taking video as long as there is movement is available, just not in this particular camera.

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