Moultrie P180i

I thought I'd just share with you my experience with the Moultrie P180i game camera I purchased a few months ago.

Soon after I bought it I noticed that it would stop detecting motion after a certain period - usually a few hours. Reading this Moultrie on-line forum I discovered that this was a similar problem to that others were experiencing with other Moultrie game camera products. Various solutions were suggested; different batteries, different SD card, ensuring the firmware was most recent, removing the anti-theft bar and others. All of these I tried with no success. After contacting Moultrie customer support and explaining my predicament they suggested returning the camera as faulty. So I sent it back to the local retailer who provided me with a replacement camera. To my immense disappointment this second camera showed exactly the same behaviour. So it was returned and I received a refund of my money.

This was rather distressing for me because in all other respects the camera was excellent. I use trail cameras currently which are left outside for weeks at a time with no problems. Surely a product described as a game camera is not really fit for purpose if it only operates for a few hours without needing to be reset?

The question arises as to whether there are others with similar cameras which are also faulty, but of which they are unaware? Whenever I go out into the bush to extract the SD card and see whether there has been any activity I ALWAYS move in front of the camera and wait a few minutes before turning the camera off and extracting the SD card. This tells me whether the camera is still working and/or whether the batteries are flat.

I'll welcome any responses to this message assuring me that your Moultrie camera is working perfectly. Perhaps I'm just unlucky?


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