S-50i False Pics

Anyone getting lots of false triggers on theirs? I am getting a ton of pictures most days of nothing but the trees and grass. I have tried to cut everything in the immediate area that should move in the breeze but am still getting issues. It seems like sunny days are the worst but even hot days seem to make a difference. I have it hooked up to my modem, so its really a pain to waste the data every time. Any suggestions?


  • Do you have the PIR set to low? Have mine facing northwest, PIR on high, on a food plot, and haven't experienced any false triggers from the sun. I have had your issue with other manufacturers cameras in open food plots. I can only imagine how frustrating false triggers are when using a modem.

  • I do have it on low and its facing due north as well so I am baffled. I just tried swapping with another S-50i of mine and the other one is doing the same thing. So strange!

  • I have the same issues and posted under the Moultrie mobile section. I have PIR on low and my s50i is inside an off grid cabin. A temperature rise of 1-2 degrees in 1-3 minutes seems to trigger a photo. In the afternoon when the sun is coming through the windows, I sometimes get 10-15 photos per hour as the temp rises from say, 80-98F, and each photo seems to show about a 1-2 degree F rise from the previous.

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