A5 Gen 2 Water Issue

Hi all. I'm new to these forums but I've owned Moutlrie Cameras for several years. I'm wondering if anyone has had issues with the A5 gen 2 cameras getting water inside the battery compartment. Last fall, when I checked one it was full of water. I tried drying it out, but of course the camera was toast. I just kind of brushed it off as one of those things that happen. But, I just checked another A5 and the same thing - water in the battery compartment. Luckily this time I was able to dry it out before it got too far. So far this one seems to be working, but you just never know when water and electronics mix.

Anyone else seeing this problem or am I the unlucky one? Any ideas on how to make sure it doesn't happen to any others?



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    Don't have any experience with the A5, but I like to keep my cams under a homemade roof of some kind to be on the safe side, of course if you are trying to keep your cam hidden then that's not an option. When I put cams in cedars I find that provides alot of protection from rain. Did you try dunking your dead cam in water and see if you can figure out how water is getting in?

  • I don't have any of the A series cameras, but all of the M series that I've owned (and it's quite a few) I've never had any water issues. They're not completely sealed, so it's always possible. I used electrical tape to seal out an external thermometer one time and it worked well. May consider giving that a shot.

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