Hot trail camera

The other day I went and setup my feeder to start feeding and was getting ready to setup my camera. Put fresh batteries in it and turned it on and off to make sure it worked. I went and did some other stuff with the camera on the back of my truck. Came back and screwed the camera into the holder and it wouldnt turn on. Tried everything I could think of, changed batteries and everything. Finally got up and came home, as I was dropping off my Dad I tried it again and it came on. Today I figured id give it another try and it worked, so I went and set it up in my front yard just to make sure it would stay on. It stayed on the whole 5 hours it was out there and worked flawlessly. When I brough it back inside and turned it off again it wouldnt turn back on. So I let it sit in my house and cool down for a couple hours and low and behold it turned on like nothing was wrong with it. I have only owned this thing a year. Has anybody else ran into this problem. I do live in West Texas and it is hot but I feel they should work under any weather conditions. I didnt have any problems last year, just this year. Thank you for any responses or help.

Model # MCG-13067


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