Customer Support is a JOKE......form 2 years ago

Hours are from 8AM to 4PM CDT. Funny when u call and it tells your the average wait time is 8min and after being on hold for 22min. The system tell me that you are closed and the hour are from 8am-4pm CDT. This happened at 3:45 CDT. Went to my moultrie modem web page right after this and the same thing. From 8 am to 4 pm CDT. the time was 3:47 CDT.


  • We offer a call-back feature when you call in and get put on hold and it holds your place in line and we will call you back as soon as a representative is available. Have you tried doing that?

  • I do know about call back. trust my the hold message said that all the time. Well when the wait time is 8min that not to bad. but when you just get cut off after being on hold for 22 min, with the message of "our offices are know closed. and our hours are from 8AM to 4pm CDT. and click dial tone.

  • We had some phone issue where the agents were not receiving calls. The consumers were piling up in the queue. We had to turn the phones off until the issue was resolved. This has been corrected. Please give us your number and we call you.

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