some photos grayscale

some of the photos and videos I am getting are coming out in grayscale and not in color. (no not the ones taken at night)


  • Its not all of them in the set, the video taken after this was fine, later in the set i had perfect images but video that looked like this

  • @crotalusco This happens in odd transitional times, or sometimes when you are in deep foliage. What's happening is the camera thinks it's dark enough that it needs to take a 'night time' picture, so it flips the IR cut filter and sets the flash off. That grey-scale color is caused by the filter being in the wrong position.

    We are constantly trying to tweak that transition period to keep you from getting pictures like this, but unfortunately there are about a quintillion different combinations of scenery and light levels that we have to try and account for.

    If this starts happening really frequently there might be something else going on though. If at any time you feel like the camera just isn't operating as intended please give us a call and we'll do some investigating to try and figure out what's up.

  • Moultrie_Ninjaneer, perhaps off topic but, have you ever considered using this technology for remote control of feeders? For those of us several hours away from our hunting lease it's something to consider. If the same data plan could be used it would be more practical. I could reduce output from feeder after leaving and ramp it up in the days prior to hunting. If you're Moultriemobile shows little activity, why continue to put feed on the ground to rot?

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