Woodpecker Blues - 3 perfectly good Moultrie Cameras destroyed PIR Lense rendering them in operable

I have 1 A5 and 2 D55IRXT Moultrie Cameras that have had the PIR lense pecked out by Woodpeckers. I called Moultrie and they recommended replacing the PIR lense with cut out tinted plexi glass but this does not work and the sensor does not operate correctly taking photos constantly.

I am surprised Moultrie does not offer replacement PIR lenses. Any help to repair these cameras would be much appreciated. Thanks.


  • I doubt Moultrie has those parts available as they're not likely built in-house and probably not a common part that is requested for replacement.

    My suggestion would have been very similar, which is to find a piece of flexible plastic and replace it. But I openly admit I'm a tinker-er so I enjoy trying things such as that.

  • Who recommended you replace the lens with tinted plexiglass? Those are Fresnel lenses which have special ribbing and coatings to help concentrate the IR energy into the PIR sensor in the camera, replacing it with a regular piece of acrylic isn't going to help at all.

    That being said, let me see what I can dig up on those lenses. Can you PM me the serial number for the three units so I can make sure any replacements will be the correct part?

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