180i limited night time flash distance

My camera is mounted approximately 25 feet from my feeder. On nighttime videos, the camera only seems to illuminate ten feet or so in front of the camera, not even illuminating the feeder or any deer around it 25 feet away. I'm running on an external 12V battery pack, so power is not an issue.


  • Actually, never mind. This seems to be a known limitation for night time videos on the 180i. TrailCamExpert dot com says the following in a review:

    "Nighttime videos on the other hand are a bit of a mixed bag.

    The good: animals that get within the flash range appear very clear, with good contrast and detail. There is almost no blurring, even with rapid movement.

    The bad: the flash range for night videos is a mere 20-25 feet directly in front of the camera and only 5-10 feet along the edges, which is downright awful. If you have the PIR sensitivity on “high,” you will likely end up with several blank videos where deer and other game are close enough to trigger the sensor but out of range of the flash."

    I'd say they were generous in that review on the distance, as I've now seen a handful of other nighttime videos with the illumination really only going out 15-20 feet, max.


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