Update Regarding Moultrie Mobile Outage_9.4.18

Dear Moultrie Mobile Customer,

We are writing to update you regarding a Moultrie Mobile outage that is affecting both the app and website. Moultrie Mobile is hosted on the Microsoft platform. This morning, one of Microsoft’s data centers had an unexpected failure. As a result, they had to take this data center offline. Unfortunately, Moultrie Mobile is housed in this data center. Until Microsoft resolves this issue, Moultrie Mobile will not be operational.

We are in direct communication with Microsoft and will keep you updated as we receive updates. At this time, Microsoft has not given us a timeline for resolution. We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Rest assured that your cameras are still taking pictures and when the system comes back online your pictures will upload at the next scheduled check in.

The Moultrie Mobile Team

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