S-50i Stops Taking Photos

I purchased a Moultrie S-50i . It stops taking photos before I am able to retrieve them . I originally installed a SanDisk 32GB Ultra micro SD card using an adaptor . I thought that may be the problem , so I installed a regular SanDisk 32GB Ultra SD card , formatted on the PC I am retrieving the photos on . The last card was installed on 08-15-2018 and removed 09-27-2018 . It only had 257 photos , taking up .6 GB from the dates 08-15-2018 to 09-09-2018 . What happened to 09-10-2018 thru 09-27-2018 ? When I retrieved the SD card I first switched the camera to view the pictures on the camera , nothing displayed . I thought maybe the batteries died . I switched it off , and the Moultrie logo was displayed . I switched it back to view , and now I could view the photos . The batteries showed that they were still OK . So it seems like the camera is just shutting itself OFF . This is unacceptable . Why does it stop taking photos ? What can be done so this does not happen again ?
Any suggestions ?



  • Don't have a answer why it would stop, but the first thing Moultrie will tell you is to not use a sd card that says Ultra.

  • Sodbuster has some good advice for you. Here's a C&P from the FAQ Section:

    Q: What SD card should I use with my Moultrie Camera?

    A: Most Moultrie Cameras support up to a 32CB SD card from Class 4 to Class 10. Class 10 cards are recommended for higher performance cameras, particularly when capturing higher resolution photos and HD video. SD and SD HC cards are recommended. Do NOT use SDXC cards, or cards designated as “turbo”, “ultra”, or “super speed”, as the speed required by these cards to operate may cause instability in the cameras.

    That would be my first suggestion to try.

  • Also, if there is a magnetic strip on the inside of the door make sure you remove that, as they have been known to cause issues occasionally.

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