D35 “Card” error

Sd card Is formatted. Camera has newest firmware. It was working fine till batteries died a week ago. Just replaced battery’s and popped in new card and getting card on screen. Tried 5 othercarfs same card error. All cards are 16g basic sandisk cards. Not high speed or Hd etc. anyone know how to fix this. Thanks guys.


  • Guess this is not a frequently visited forum. Anyway I figured it out. I was using a Mac and formatting with exfat. I used MS-DOS(FAT) and problem solved. Seems like Moultrie can’t read the ex fat. I was on hold with Moultrie for 30 minutes then opted to be called back but never got a call. Bs. Anyway hope this helps someone.
  • Sorry I missed this one. You are entirely correct that it wasn't reading the exFAT file structure properly. That's a proprietary format owned by Microsoft.

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