setup position dodgy...


first my A20i then a replacement A30i have failed in exactly the same fashion. in both cases, when i slide the button to the setup position to cycle thru and delete images the camera locks up and the arrow keys up and down will not work i am unable to remove images or reset the dates etc.

no where have i found an answer to this defect. or a way to solve it... i've spent way to much time trying different things... the upshot is i have a brick for a A30i just like the A20i before it and less then a years use out of them combined...

i sure would like to get this camera going i can't afford another.

thanks for any input.



  • I haven't heard of that one before. If you take the card out, will it navigate through the options like normal?

  • hi rocklockhunter,

    yes when i relieve the card from it's bay the setup position lets me cycle thru all the dates, time, etc. however when i reseat the card it locks up and will not began blinking for me to cycle thru menu to delete all images for next nights work. i've written to moultrie and have not heard back... is there something on the card that makes it lockup? images numbers or some code/script that is glitching the camera out. btw, in the reviews of this camera one other rancher mentioned having two of these models bricking over the same setup locking up issue.

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    here is more...

    the card has a setttings.xml file

    could this be a problem?

    <?xml version="1.0"?>


  • false alarm... user error

    after much fiddling i discovered the little locking tabs on the side of the cards had moved towards the locked position, enough it seems to have disabled the camera from reading it in the setup position

  • That makes sense. Yeah, those little switches get flipped pretty easy sometimes. Glad you figured it out.

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