• That's a heavy horned joker! Doesn't look all that old either.
  • I don't think he's very old either. He spends alot of time on the place in the daytime. My brother had an iffy shot on him with a bow, but didn't feel comfortable taking it. Hoping his wife will get a shot at him this weekend with a gun. Unfortunately in 18 years of owning this property we have never seen the same buck 2 years in a row. Would love to be able to let the 12 go a couple more years.

  • I understand completely. We hunt almost exclusively public land so trying to have history year over year is very tough.

    We've basically just come to the conclusion that we can't control it and if they're not the class we are after, then that's fine but understand that we may never see the deer again. Hard to stomach sometimes, but it's the reality we're in.

    Hope she catches up with him!

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