New A-35 dark pictures

I have a handful of new A-35s and they are all doing the same thing. I run some on MVIs and some are just cameras and they are all doing the same thing. One picture looks perfect, next picture looks like night. Very frustrating. Ive tried the firmware update and it seems to make this issue worse.


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    I'd say the camera needs more light with the shade that's visible. And the angle at the ground. Possibly being tricked into flashing in the daytime(filter). I would have to ask my son if ours(I have 2) have done this. Since he see's all the pics.

    I'd try and reposition the camera to catch a little more horizon.

  • I have some of these cameras mounted ground level that do the same thing. As you can see in my pics, time was minutes apart with same conditions with daylight and cloud cover and it happens every other picture most of the time. You can see shadows etc indicating plenty of daylight in the dark pic.

  • Sounds like something to do with filter for day and night or flash for it to go back and forth. I've had pretty good luck with the A35's. Got them with card and batteries last year for about 60. Not sure how the day and night works on the cameras without the "i". I read somewhere about not being enough light for color pics and the camera is tricked on those type photos in the day time. I had a pink pic on an M40i once. I think that's how it appears on those cameras with the i on the end. Maybe something is sticking and you can cover the sensor and wave your hand in front.

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    I found the thread showing the same thing you have. You can read through that one.

    If none of this helps, it could just be a bad sensor of course.

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