M-40 Taking Continous Pictures

My M-40 started taking continuous pictures. PIR sensor is set on high and I have dropped it to low. I also reformatted the card remotely via Mobile app to see if that will help. Has anyone have a camera start taking continuous pictures and was there a fix?


  • does it set to timelapse mode? Would you post the picture?

  • Mine will do this too. It shows cars, people, animals going down the private road. Then suddenly it will take thousands of shots of nothing. Like it gets stuck on go.

    On the other hand, today a truck loaded with hay with 3 guys hanging on drove back & forth, loaded and empty, several times and it only triggered once.

    The rep said cars don’t give off enough heat to trigger the sensor, but somehow the wind does. I guess I’ll point it at the wall and see what happens. Not really able to trust these cameras totally.
  • I may be helpful to keep in mind, it's not necessarily the "wind" that's triggering the camera but rather the wind blowing items such as trees, branches ect.

    As for the continuous pictures, I think you're on the right track. Place it facing a wall and see if it triggers.

    I have one camera that will take pics over and over again during the high sun part of the day. Sun coming through the tree tops creates 'hot spots' on the ground and it tricks the sensor.

    Hope that helps.

  • Intersting to say the least. My M40I recently did the same thing. I had a pile of continuous pictures. I did a factory reset and will face the camera against a wall as well.

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