Upgrade Filmware fail

Been trying everything to upgrade filmware on a couple of different models with no luck. Have fresh batteries and new Sandisk SDHC 8GB cards. Copy and pasted from web site. Clicked on card while in PC and it shows the upgrade is there but it always fails in camera. Tried reformatting and same thing. Cameras do work OK but thought maybe I could do a little better. Cameras are GM-80xt and M-880i. Do have a 990i and a M-50i that i did not try. Figured it be the same. I am slightly electronically challenged so that may be the problem. Still rockin a flip phone. LOL. Any advice greatly appreciated. Or are the updates overrated? Thanks


  • I am having the same problem with M990i cameras. Haven't upgraded firm ware in a couple of years

  • Hey @rod2 , it appears that the latest firmware available for the M990i is from 2016. So if you've updated your camera since then, you're good to go. Here are some instructions to see what version your camera has installed.

    To see if your camera requires a firmware update. Turn the camera on to custom start. Use the up/down selectors to choose “General Settings”, press right to continue. Use the up/down selectors to choose “System Settings”, press right to continue. Use up/down selectors to choose “Upgrade Firmware”, press right to continue. You’ll notice a text string at the bottom of the screen (Example: M999iV2-151207). The last part of this text is the date code of the firmware in the format of Year (YY)/Month(MM)/Day(DD).

    If it's before the 2016 version, here is the link to the instructions on how to upgrade the firmware. I follow them pretty much to the "T" as they say.


  • Thanks, my last update was 2013. Apparently shortly after I bought the camera.

  • Hey, my question is this; the update says M990i Gen2. Is Gen2 the 2nd generation of the camera, or the second generation of the update. If its the generation of the camera, I'd say mine is a Gen1.?

  • Gen 2 refers to the camera, not the firmware.
  • Thanks, that's what I figured. Waiting for a reply from Moultrie.

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