Ugh, they're back...

I know some people love to chase bears and more power to them. But I simply can't stand bears. They destroy equipment and keep the deer and turkeys run off.

First pic of the year, wish I could say it was going to be the last. As a side, note, that's a BIG sow for the region.


  • The little one is adorable, but I definitely wouldn't want to walk up on either of them. We don't have much in the way of bears down here in Alabama so I can't really sympathize with how destructive they are. I know there are steel cases you can put your equipment in but they aren't really bear 'proof', just bear resistant I suppose

  • Our population is increasing here in Sw Mo. Pretty soon there will be a season started. Personally I have no desire to see one or have one on camera. I see them as being nothing but a nuisance.

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