Setting start and stop time

please explain the process of starting and stopping time.


  • Starting and Stopping time is only used in Time Lapse Mode... is it your intent to use Time Lapse Mode?... if not, then don't worry about it.

    If you wish to use time lapse you need to determine if you wish to have the camera take images continuously throughout the day (24hrs / Always On), or instead operated during one or two time slots during the day.

    If you only want time lapse at dawn for instance, set "T.L. Program #1 Start Time" = 6am (or whenever you want the camera to start taking images) and set "T.L. Program #1 Stop Time" = 9am (or whenever you want the camera to stop taking images). Do not program T.L. Program #2 Start & Stop times.

    If you wish to have the camera operate at during two intervals during the day, you need to follow the procedure above for both T.L. Program #1 & T.L. Program #2 for the desired time slots.

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