So many ways to mess up

It sounds so simple to put out a camera, but I have turned them on without a card in, forgotten to turn them on, and gone out to find no pics. I thought I’d gotten past these newbie mistakes.

Then just tonight I knew there were a bunch of good ones on there, got excited and forgot to turn the camera off before taking out the card. Lost most of them.

Is this just me or has anyone else goofed up and lost their photos? What tips do you have to remember every time?


  • I've swapped cards out several times with the camera still on and it has never effected the pics on the card. Don't how that caused you to lose your pics. I've found that if a cam is reading card locked and the card is not locked, you can pull the card out and put it back in while the cam is on and it will read the card correctly again.

  • I think maybe because I was swapping out the card and I didn’t put the same one back in, I put the new one in. Anyway, that’s what happened. Only the first dozen or so were there. I was surprised too, you’d think they would be written to the card as they were taken.
  • I'm not aware of a temporary folder or file that the camera would store images in until it transferred to the SD card, but I may be wrong. Someone from Moultrie would have to answer that question. If it doesn't, then it wouldn't explain your missing images.

    Out of curiosity, does you model of camera have a preview screen that you would have reviewed the images prior to pulling out the card? Likewise, did you notice how many images were reading on the card before you removed it? What I'm getting at is, are you confident there were images erased?

    While I don't know what the reason would be, it's possible that the camera quit taking photos while it was out instead of losing them when you removed the card. As Sodbuster mentioned, I have forgotten to turn the camera off before removing a card as well without losing images.

    I'm not sure that helps or not, but rather just brainstorming as I write.

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