Getting started with M-50i

I've never owned an trail camera until now, when I recently bought the highly recommended M-50i. Several people have mentioned in other forums how vague or incomplete the owner's manual is for that camera, and now I believe them. I understand how to set up the three "capture" modes, but for the life of me, don't see anywhere about how any one of those three modes is "activated" to start taking photos or videos. Help please!!!


  • If taking pics or vids you'll be using motion detect

    Now just push the right arrow button and the screen will change

    It will cycle through your settings such as no delay, 1 photo, then it will start counting down from 5 or 10 seconds (can't remember which), then the screen will go blank and it's activated to take pics or vids.

  • Thank you so much to Sodbuster for your excellent directions to get me started with my M-50i - my first results are from last night at my combination bird and raccoon feeder! The brightness in the background is from my trailer reflectors parked in the background. I've known for awhile that I was getting a night-time "feeder" but didn't realize how big he was and how long he stayed (30+ minutes).

  • You found the thief! He's even wearing a mask...
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