XA 7000i false triggering empty photos with no animals or people.

I like the quality of the photos I get from my XA 7000i but the camera in two days has triggered 101 photos and only 30 of these photos had animals or people in the photo. The camera triggers and takes a photo when no animal or person is in the background way too often. How do I change the settings or sensitivity of the camera? Within 2 days I had gone through the basic plan of 100 and even with the next plan of 800 photos at this rate, I will run out in 15 days. 70% false triggers is just too much. I was curious how does it detect animals in the area? The camera just seems too sensitive and cant discriminate between and empty field and one with animals in it.



  • You can go into the camera settings and change the PIR Sensitivity to "Low" which may help some of the false triggers.

    These cameras are sensitive though, it's a catch-22. If they weren't, then people would complain about them missing shots.

    A couple ways to help:

    • Make sure the camera is facing North or South
    • Clear out any grass or limbs in front of the camera.
    • "Sun spots" on the ground will trigger the sensor so be aware if you have sun shining through the canopy on the ground.
    • Wipe off the sensor with a soft cloth
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    I'm not sure what causes the false triggers. I changed mine to low sensitivity and got more, and picked up deer at 60 yards in a couple of pics. Cloudy, hazy, 2mph or less wind. Of course the smart tag is blank. Between the false triggers and 35 pics for hi res, no matter the resolution, you aren't in the game until you do the large plan. Which means less chance of expanding the fleet of mobile cameras.

    The strange thing about it is it doesn't seem to happen much without mobile connected to a camera. Can't speak for the XV or XA.

  • Mine has taken well over 1000 pics in 3 days with nothing there. I trimmed more overhanging branches today and verified the PIR setting as "Low". We will see but I'm thinking this camera is unable to deal with a sunny field and trees in the background.

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    This is hot spotting. I just got 5 of them. Not much you can do when it's that bright.
    Well I can't download it on the phone.
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    This is hot spotting. I just got 5 of them.
  • Seems like a lot of people are having these problems.
  • After new settings and clearing limbs it took 926 pics in 3 hours then it decided to download them all instead of giving a large upload warning. :s

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    We have been running trail cameras for about 15 years, so have learned to set them up over time. We have one MV1 and five MV2s and love them. Purchased 3 XA7000s and had to send 2 of them back because they would not link to server. Customer service was fantastic. After running them for about 6 weeks, I have found no setup that doesn't take 100s of pictures daily of nothing, including low sensitivity setting. I think if it even hears a bug fly by it triggers the camera. We even took 2 of them and placed in a cut over and the other in my pasture at home with nothing for hundreds of yards with the same results. No way could you ever run these as "trail" cameras or in any thicket/underbrush which is a major problem in piney woods in the south. I am unsure what to do at this point but no way I can afford to continue to run 9 cameras with this problem. Will probably deactivate these cameras and only run the 6 MV1s and MV2s until Moultrie figures out this costly issue.
  • Yes it is an issue but I have lowered the sensitivity and it does take fewer photos. Problem is there are no deer photos now. I only have one camera and it blew up the 10 dollars data plan in 3 days using over half the plan.

  • A camera burning up 1000's of useless pictures is one thing if it's just filling an SD card. Eating up a monthly data limit that cost $$ is a problem. This is my first Moultrie camera. I'm starting to think I should stick with my Bushnell and Reconyx. I'm going to move it to a wooded spot this weekend. If it doesn't perform well there, it's going back to the store.

    You mentioned MV1 & MV2. I take it you've gotten good performance from those?

  • Yeah they are fantastic. MV1 will be outdated and no longer function at end of year. But the MV2 works great. No complaints and really enjoy them more than my Spypoint cameras and Reconyx.
  • I guess it’s a good business model for Moultrie. Sell cameras that take hundreds/thousands of pictures of nothing and make you keep buying larger data plans just so you can see the couple pics of deer that are in between the empty pics. Lol
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    Everyone else getting pics? I got 30 or 40 pics of deer and blanks from both modems on Tuesday. I haven't had a picture in 48 hours. lol. Hope the random phantom hasn't showed up again. I can understand deer may not have passed by, but I get suspicious when my sun or gnat triggered photos don't come in.

  • @Heavishot , I would contact Customer Service and explain to them what you're experiencing. From what I have heard, there were some issues with the first run so they may be able to help out.

  • Hey, these new Moultrie cams are the bomb! Because you will blow your money right out the window. My hunting buddy and I have ran trail cams from the beginning. Mostly all moultrie cams, however I have to say these XA and XV are the worse. They will take pics of flies buzzing by, the sun moving and can detect ticks on squirrels. The sensitivity is ridiculous on these. Yeah, if it wasn't sensitive enough everyone be complaining of that. I understand can not make everyone happy. But dang, back it off some. We get the 850 pic data plans. 650 plus pics are of nothing! Wasting our time and our money on feed and the data to try and take inventory of our deer herd. Plus this can never be used for a "trail" cam because dang SD card would be full in 3 days or data plan be completely out in one! We have tried the NORTH and SOUTH thing, same results. We have turn sensitivity down, same results. Cut brush and shrubs and grass SAME RESULTS! Come on moultrie, you can do better. Been using your cams since the beginning even with film or disposal cam we used to use. Do not want to switch brands but may have too.

  • I was having the same issue, I noticed most of my photos were coming between 11am and 4pm, I changed my settings to 8 times a day upload with a upload limit of 50, anyone I get more than 50 photos between those times I decline the upload, this has just about solved my false trigger problems and has made me much more happier. Hope this helps.
  • Tried the new spot that is more wooded and where 2 other cameras have performed perfectly. Same problem. 67 pictures in 1 hour 18minutes.

  • I also have this problem with the new M8000. My new XV7000 doesn’t give me all the false triggers. But the 8000 isn’t even usable. It takes a picture about every minute. And no it’s not on time lapse. I had an older Moultrie camera at the same spot on a 3G modem and didn’t have all these false triggers. They need to push a firmware update or something to fix this.
  • I just maxed out my data plan with dozens of daily "hot spotting" photos, especially early morning and late evening. I've has this issue before, but this month was super high,

    Now I'm 100% full on data and not getting ANY updates.

    Can someone confirm that once my data plan resets, I'll start to get photos on the next modem check in? (which should be the once daily automatic check in, right?)

  • @capttris said:
    Can someone confirm that once my data plan resets, I'll start to get photos on the next modem check in? (which should be the once daily automatic check in, right?)

    That's how I understand it.

  • Ive been running the xv7000 for a week and moved it to different locations and still getting about 98% pics of nothing. I’m calling them tomorrow and see if I can get my money back. It’s junk!!!
  • I messaged them and did get a quick response back. They asked a few questions and once I had explained my setup and what was happening they basically said this was normal and to be expected. Taking it back to Cabelas and trying something else.

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    Me too. Been using Moultrie products since their 35mm cameras but about to drop all 9 cameras and go back to Spypoint unless they come up with a solution quick. Spypoint is much cheaper at $10 a month for unlimited and much less false triggering but doesn't matter anyways because is unlimited. Quality of pictures is a little lower but still scouts for you the same. Will also start referring them to all my members on our 17,000 acre lease. Moultrie comments on almost every thread but they sure don't want to comment on this one. Makes me think they made these cameras super sensitive to force you into ridiculously high packages that very few can afford or they honestly don't have a solution. If my cameras are taking 100s of pictures a day in my clean cut yard then can't imagine how we are going to use them in windy states like Kansas. Really disappointed with Moultrie on this and never thought I would say that because been an advocate for them for many years.
  • I have XV7000i and was getting a lot of false daytime triggers--probably wind and shadows. I cannot find a "max upload" setting on mine, so what I did is made a 8am-5pm time lapse and set the interval to 24 hours. This pretty much eliminates all daytime pics. But, at least my false triggers are drastically reduced and I'm not paying for empty shots. And, since when do mature bucks come out during the day anyways? It's a long way from rut where I'm at. I will say that it would be nice if they could make a setting to provide no-upload window of time so that we can only pay for pics most likely to have the deer we are looking for. And if we want the photos we missed, we could just retrieve them from the card.

  • I was getting false triggers day and night. Doesn’t matter. These cameras are super sensitive. Too sensitive to be useable.
  • I wonder. Can I return my camera to cabelas with no UPC code??? I mailed that in to get my rebate. Which Moultrie hasn’t sent yet.

    Just want my money back at this point. This camera is useless at this point.
  • Hmmm since I made the post above. I decided to test my camera again in the backyard. I had it set up for about 4 hours. Only sent two images with no movement. All the others were of my dog or me testing it. We shall see I guess
  • I'd like to see an option to enable/disable motion detect for certain hours of the day if you wanted. This would be a really nice feature.

  • @CaptainClaptrap said:
    I have XV7000i and was getting a lot of false daytime triggers--probably wind and shadows. I cannot find a "max upload" setting on mine, so what I did is made a 8am-5pm time lapse and set the interval to 24 hours.

    So if you set it time lapse for 24 hours doesn't that disable the motion detect for the other times? I would love to only get it to take pictures from 5PM -9AM, but I'm not sure how setting it this way makes that work? Can you explain this a little more or maybe take a screen shot of how you have it set up?

  • Same situation here with two of the AT&T Xa7000i game cameras. Hundreds of ghost photos even in no wind conditions. Moultrie needs to recall these cameras in mass and fast so no more of them can walk out a store front or online sales. They will damage their great reputation if let this problem continue to fester. No doubt they had these cameras produced by another company and put their logo on them. Still yet the buck stops with them because they put their name on them. Mine has gone off two more times just while typing this post. I will be returning both of mine as soon as possible. Very disappointed. Make that three times now, it just went off again. Geez
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